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GRL Games announces Dance City!

blogEntryTopperGRL Games announces it’s next game! During our Game Developer Conference session on Monday, Roque and Graeme Devine announced Dance City as our next game. We’re very excited to bring you news and screenshots of the title as it develops! Stay tuned!

Venture Beat covers our GDC talk!

blogEntryTopperVenture Beat wrote up a great article on the talk Roque and I gave at GDC. You can view it here.


blogEntryTopperEveryone on the planet is rushing to add a social element to their game, picture app, music app, whatever app. Our widely held view of acceptable application development has narrowed to freemium social games that have to monetize. Somewhere along the way we forgot that games should be fun experiences and we became analysts. Bio: Graeme Devine is a veteran game developer with more than 30 years of success in game production across multiple platforms, technologies and major titles. Check it out here!