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Full Deck Poker Solitaire OUT FOR MAC!

blogEntryTopperFull Deck Poker Solitaire is out on the Mac App Store! Full Deck Solitaire by GRL Games is the wildly successful solitaire game for the Mac with over a million downloads and spending much of the year as the number one application on the Mac App Store. Full Deck Poker Solitaire is a fun puzzle like game that challenges you to fill a 5x5 square with as many poker hands as possible. With six ways to play the game solo you can also challenge a Facebook friend to try and beat your score at a game adding to the fun. Download today from the Mac App Store!

Mac Full Deck Poker Solitaire submitted to store!

blogEntryTopperFull Deck Poker Solitaire was submitted to the Mac App Store today! The game features a range of solo games as well as the ability to challenge your Facebook friends in a head to head match.

Full Deck Poker Solitaire for Mac OS X!

Coming soon to the Mac App Store! Full Deck Poker Solitaire lets you play a fun variation on solitaire that is almost sudoku like. You can play any of the games solo or you can challenge a Facebook friend to a game!