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Overall I'm going to give this unique word game a very nice 4.5/5. One of the best word games on the app store, if not the best.
Full Deck Word Games is a brand new type of game, it’s both a fun word game you can play in four ridiculously addictive single player games, or you can play online against a friend in either a head to head online game or in a turn based battle of wits!

Face a Friend uses the front facing camera of the iPhone 4, iPad 2 or 4th Gen Touch so you can see and chat with your friend while playing! If you have a device without a camera you can still see your friends that do and they can hear you via the device microphone.

SIX fantastically fun modes of play!

- word solitaire. a solitaire game with letters and words, how many levels can you get past?
- word turn. play a friend in a turn based match of spelling wits!
- 200 tiles. get the best score you can with only 200 tiles.
- countdown. play quickly! you only have 100 seconds to score!
- infinite play. words of 4 letters or more give you extra time. how long can you survive!
- face a friend! play online video chat against a friend (requires Game Center account)

Lots of goodies included in every download!

- fun achievements
- leaderboards for all modes of play
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