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I've abandoned most of the games I've downloaded. But this one I'm sticking with. The game is smooth and clean and the appealing layout and the game choices make for hours of enjoyment.
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A VERY addictive twist on solitaire! NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE MAC!

Full Deck Poker Solitaire is a poker twist on classic solitaire. Line up poker hands in the 25 squares horizontally and vertically to score points based on the poker hands you arrange! Full Deck Poker Solitaire has six variations to keep your mind sharp and wits delighted.

One fantastic feature allows you to challenge your friends to try and beat your hand at the same game! Play against any of your Game Center (on iOS) or Facebook (on MacOS) friends and challenge them to beat your best score! You can compare the results side by side once the challenge is complete and see how they played the same cards you played.

- Switcheroo, the most popular game at GRL headquarters, this game lets you swap cards around on the board. It’s poker sudoku!
- Lightning, play all cards in 60 seconds or less.
- 120, play all cards in 120 seconds or less.
- Unlimited, you have unlimited time to play all the cards.
- Connected, the cards you place must be touching a previously played card.
- Freecell, adds solitaire’s Freecell spare slots to the board to help you plan.
- Leaderboards
- Achievements
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