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Touch Arcade

October 17th 2011

I felt something was off for the whole convention, until I attended the "Smartphone & Tablet Developer Rant" panel, where Graeme Devine said what I imagine quite a few people (myself included) were thinking

Touch Arcade

April 20th 2011

Graeme Devine is a hip guy to say the least. You should store his name somewhere in your brain: he was the co-founder of Trilobyte and did a bunch of work on the original The 7th Guest as well as other core titles like the RTS Halo Wars for Ensemble and Doom 3 for id Software. He even worked for Apple for a bit. Now, he’s doing his own thing and creating “casual” titles with his actual family.

Business Insider

April 20th 2011

iPhone is a great platform for indies and garage developers to quickly get games up and running and available to consumers, but just because you can build a game in a couple months doesn't mean you're going to succeed like Angry Birds or Tiny Wings, or even get noticed among the thousands and thousands of apps available on the App Store.


April 15th 2011

As part of UCSC's Inventing the Future of Games symposium today, veteran developer Graeme Devine (The 7th Guest, Halo Wars) discussed how he tries to draw the player into a game as the lead character.